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The Network “League of POW Memory” is a unique consortium integrating institutions and environments which deal with POW sites of remembrance in Poland (and Europe) in order to jointly popularize the knowledge of their histories and the fates of people interned in these places in the years of the Second World War as well as to disseminate findings about related issues. The synergy of these participating institutions and environments serves more effective use of their potentials, thanks to which the message “Be against wars”, which stems from the POW memory, becomes – from both domestic and international perspectives – strengthened considerably.

The activity of the Network “League of POW Memory” concentrates on five areas: scientific studies, education, exhibiting, commemoration and promotion. It is carried out on the basis of partner cooperation of all the members. The works of the Network are coordinated by the Consortium Board formed by representatives of member-founders and invited persons. The coordination is supported by the Honorary Convent of the League elected by the Board for a three-year term of office.

The activity of the Network comprises initiatives of its individual members, activating the environments that co-form it, successively modified with the aim to improve on the work and to achieve better effects. The basic goal of the Network is telling the stories of POWs and places in which they were interned during the Second World War in a reliable and interesting way, that is propagation of education for peace and prevention of armed conflicts so that the attitudes being developed should favour prevention of violence today and in the future. The program of the Network is addressed to w wide circle of receivers, both in Poland and abroad.

The Network “League of POW Memory” was founded in 2022. Its initiator and leader is the Central Museum of Prisoners of War which, since the beginnings of its existence in 1965, has carried out activities serving development of research and dissemination of the knowledge on places connected with POWs, especially on the territory of Poland as well as on their fates during the Second World War. This mission is executed through monitoring the changing condition and conservation of camp remnants, supporting persons and institutions interested in similar themes with relevant knowledge, collecting and cataloguing POWs’ artefacts, conducting scientific studies. Last but not least, the Network is dedicated to developing publishing, exhibiting and educational activity, running scientific seminars, organizing conferences as well as meetings with former POWs and their families.

The idea behind the Network dates to the All-Polish Scientific Conference Places of former German POW camps in Poland. Forgotten or discovered? which has been organized cyclically every two years since 2017 and also to the all-Polish meetings of families of Polish POWs organized annually since 2016.