Important information!

Due to the modernization of the Museum building in Łambinowice three permanent exhibitions have been closed. Currently, we make available to visitors: two permanent exhibitions in Łambinowice (of which one is located at the Memorial Site), a permanent exhibition in Opole and cyclically presented temporary exhibitions. Additionally, we encourage you to take a virtual tour.

Museum Visit

General rules:

  1. Admission is free for all visitors.
  2. You can book a paid guided tour of the museum and the memorial site for groups or individuals (according to the price list). On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays this applies only to organised groups of at least 15 people. There's no fee for tour guides of  organised groups.
  3. Organised groups tours must be pre-booked.
  4. To visit the memorial site, it is possible to rent a bicycle or a car with a driver (after a prior notification).
  5. Free museum lessons and workshops, combined with a paid guided tour of the exhibition, are available for primary and secondary school students.
Museum seat in Łambinowice ul. Muzealna 4
(4 Muzealna Street)
48-316 Łambinowice
tel. +48 77 434 34 75
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Museum seat in Opole ul. Minorytów 3
(3 Minorytów Street)
45-017 Opole
tel. +48 77 453 78 72
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For any queries on booking please contact

The Office in Łambinowice
Tel. (+48) 77 434 34 75 or email:

The Office in Opole
Tel. (+48) 77 453 78 72, 77 453 92 16 or adres email:

Getting to Łambinowice

  • by train from Opole to Nysa
  • by bus from Nysa, Niemodlin and Korfantów
  • by car (about 15 km from A4 motorway, exit: Nysa-Opole)

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