‘League of POW Remembrance’ Network has been established

Today, on 9 June 2022, together with Professor Adam Szpaderski, we inaugurate – unique on a global scale – a consortium: ‘League of POW Remembrance’ Network. The Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War has assumed the role of its leader.

The main purpose of ‘League of POW Remembrance’ Network is a cooperation of institutions dealing with POW remembrance in the scope of dissemination of the knowledge about history of POWs and related issues. The objective will be implemented within the framework of the following programmes:

  • research,
  • educational,
  • exhibition,
  • commemorative,
  • promotional.

The decision-making body of the ‘League of POW Remembrance’ Network is the Consortium Council, which includes esteemed representatives from the realm of science and practical science:

  • Adam Szpaderski, Ph.D/Associate Professor at SWPS University: Faculty of Social Sciences in Warsaw, SWPS University – Chairman of the Council,
  • Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska: Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War – Secretary of the Council,
  • Kinga Hartmann-Wóycicka: The Memory, Education, Culture Foundation
  • Dariusz Czerniawski: Gross Born Foundation,
  • Marek Łazarz: Museum of Prisoner-of-War Camps,
  • Irena Zmaczyńska: Cultural Centre in Dobiegniew - Woldenberg Museum,
  • Mariusz Winnicki and Dr. Jan Daniluk: Polish-American Foundation for the Commemoration of POW Camps in Szubin,
  • Agnieszka Szczygielska, Ph.D/Associate Professor at ASzWoj: Faculty of Management and Command, Academy of Military Art.

We encourage you to follow further works of the ‘League of POW Remembrance’ Network.

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