Organization of exhibitions makes one of the most important areas of activity of the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War. The aim of the displays which are prepared, including both permanent and temporary ones, is popularization of knowledge concerning the Nazi crimes perpetrated during World War 2, the situation of prisoners-of-war during armed conflicts, the history of Lamsdorf and also commemoration of the victims.

The most significant part of the offer are permanent exhibitions. Four of them can be seen in Łambinowice, one – in Opole. The series of displays in Łambinowice covers the whole of the POW problem area of the time of World War 2 and the history of the camps in Lamsdorf, whereas the exhibition presented in the Museum seat in Opole is addressed primarily to people who want to get prepared for their visit to Łambinowice or cannot reach the place for different reasons.

Temporary exhibitions are displayed mainly in Opole. They are both exhibitions organized by our Museum and guest displays prepared by other centers or institutions. Owing to the fact that our temporary displays are mobile, we can send them on loan free of charge to other museums, culture centers, libraries or schools in Poland and abroad. They are accompanied by relevant catalogues, handbooks, information leaflets or educational programs and materials.