Consortium Board

Professor of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities PRESIDENT

Specializes in strategic management, management of sites and sites of national remembrance; representative of the Dean and President of the Commission for Internationalization of the Didactic Offer of the Social Sciences Department of SWPS University in Warsaw; head of the post-diploma studies “Roots of totalitarianism of the 20th century: Auschwitz – Holocaust – Genocide” and of the Centre of Research on Economics of Sites of Remembrance at the SWPS University; counsellor for the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoźnica, Stutthof Museum in Sztutowo and the Central Museum of Prisoners of War; manages and executes research implementation projects; holder of many awards and member of scientific societies dealing with economics, management and culture.


Dr Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska – SECRETARY

Director of the Central Museum of Prisoners of War; initiates and organizes scientific sessions and conferences, exhibitions, contests, research, publishing and educational projects; author and coauthor, scientific editor of monographs and scientific articles, mainly in the field of POWs in the years of the Second World War, education in sites of remembrance and microhistory; member of boards of museums in: Krakow, Lublin and Museum of the Second World War; member of the commission affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage; holder of awards, among others, Karol Miarka Award and Jan and Wojciech Wawrzynek Award.


Dariusz Czerniawski

The idea-giver and vice-President of the Gross Born Foundation; graduate in management and administration at the University of Gdańsk; lover of history and tourist guide; creator and manager of the Museum Hall in Borne Sulinowo and initiator of many cultural enterprises in this place. For several years now the object of his research interests has been the history of Borne Sulinowo and the German POW camps functioning on the territory of the former German shooting range Gross Born (Borne Sulinowo).


Kinga Hartmann-Wóycicka

Since 2016, president of the Memory, Education, Culture Foundation, which directs the activities of the European Centre Memory, Education, Culture in Zgorzelec. She developed the concept of the Stalag VIII A Memorial Site currently being realised by the Foundation and the Centre. Author, co-author, editor and publisher of books and papers on Polish-German relations, Polish language teaching and educational materials. Initiator of model projects for German-Polish regional cooperation. Manager. Winner of awards, honoured in many ways.


Marek Łazarz

Director of the Prisoner of War Camps Museum in Żagań. A graduate in Slavic Studies from the University of Wrocław. Tour guide. Passionate military historian and researcher of the local history of prisoner of war camps. Author and member of the editorial board of “Zeszyty Żagańskie” (Żagań Notebooks). Honored with the title “Żaganian of the Year 2019” and awarded the bronze Medal of Merit for National Defence by the Minister of National Defense. Recipient of a research grant from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.



Dr hab. Agnieszka Szczygielska, Professor of the War Studies University

Research and didactic worker of the War Studies University in Warsaw; author of over 80 scientific publications on using resources based on knowledge of uniformed services, hybrid conflicts and management of knowledge in formations responsible for internal security; international reviewer, organizer and co-organizer of scientific conferences and seminars, lecturer at domestic and international scientific meetings, participant of research projects. Distinguished with Bronze Medal of the Armed Forces in the Service of the Fatherland.


Dr inż. Mariusz Winiecki

President of Polish-American Foundation for the Commemoration of POW Camps in Szubin, a research-didactic worker of Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz and lecturer at Poznań Technical University. A resident in Szubin, since 2007 investigating the history of the local POW camps. In 2017, he was awarded the Rev. Jan Klein Honorary Medal for his activity of propagating knowledge of the camps by the Chapter of Szubin Cultural Society.


Irena Zmaczyńska

Since 2001 she has been managing the Museum of Woldenberg POWs, which was established upon the initiative of former Prisoners of War detained in Oflag II C Woldenberg and which functioned in cooperation with them, then with their families belonging to the Association of Woldenberg POWs. Irena Zmaczyńska was a member of the founding group of this organization and is responsible for contacts with the Association. She initiates and coordinates various enterprises including exhibitions, educational events, actions aimed at popularizing the fates of Polish soldiers detained in the camps of Woldenberg as well as the history of the Site of Remembrance in Dobiegniewo. A great enthusiast of history.