Znak Dziedzictwa Europejskiego

On 31 of March 2020, by decision of the Europien Comission, the Site of National Remebrance in Łambinowice was awarded a prestige title of European Heritage Label 2019.

The European Heritage Label is awarded to sites which represent strong European value. They underline European values and human rights which are the milestones of European integration. Till now, in whole Europe, the Heritage Label has been awarded to 38 sites, among them just only 4 are in Poland (Union of Lublin, Gdansk Shipyard, Constitution of May 3, World War I Eastern Front Cemetery No. 123).

Let us remind what The Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice is. Well, it is a place consisting of post-camp sites and war cemeteries. A unique testimony of escalation of military conflicts, beginning from the Franco-Prussian war in XIX century, through the First World War, to the to the peak of violence and human rights violations in years of World War II when one of the largest POW complexes – Stalags Lamsdorf –  in Europe existed here. The material remains of the social consequences of war conflicts (and border changes) has also been preserved, related to the history of the camps for migrating civilians: German (1921–1924) and Polish (the labor camp 1945–1946). Therefore, the site is distinguished by a multi-layered historical message, recorded in the preserved artifacts, particularly visible in the landscape, which are made up of the camp remains and the three war cemeteries.

For 55 years, this special place has been looked after by our Museum which is located just on the spot. The Museum conducts civil education which defines memorial sites related with prisoners-of-war, in terms of civilization iniquity and as a sign of a warning against the consequences of violating basic human rights. This is especially important in modern Europe affected by numerous crises.

We are very glad with the awarded title. We see it as a distinction and a commitment to further intensive work.