The Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice, due to the tragic past which it is the evidence of, makes a valuable space for historical education. The authenticity of the place and material traces of history, as well as the professional personnel and indispensable facilities (a library, seminar halls, guest rooms, bikes available on hire to visit the history-nature path) offer a unique and unforgettable lesson to the young here.

Education in the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War has been carried out since the beginning of the Museum’s existence, that is for over 50 years now. Since 2004 it has been realized within the framework of the educational program “Pedagogy of Remembrance”, which rests on the principle of an active learning of history. The continually enriched educational offer includes proposals of a variety of actions addressed to students of middle and secondary schools, college students and teachers, as well as to other people who show interest in education obtained at sites of remembrance. Pupils of elementary school can participate in selected projects, too. Classes are organized in the area of the former camps and in the war cemeteries, and also at both seats of the Museum, i.e., in Łambinowice and in Opole. Apart from that, members of the Museum personnel conduct lessons and give talks on the Museum in schools, libraries and in other cultural-educational centers. In order to adjust the classes to interests, expectations and capacities of the participants, supervisors of groups are asked to settle in advance relevant details relating to the planned activities with the relevant Museum workers.

Requests for providing classes in Łambinowice should be sent in to , while applying for organizing classes in Opole – to Dominik Marcinkowski (tel. 77 453 78 72, e-mail: ), who also coordinates running lessons and delivering lectures outside the Museum.