The collections of the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War are composed of objects connected with the POW vicissitudes of soldiers of the anti-Nazi coalition and places in which they were interned during World War 2. They include also mementos left behind by soldiers remaining in the USSR and in the camps for the interned, which were located on the territories of the neutral states. At last, a considerable part of the collections comprises evidence of the camp-related history of Lamsdorf, also that dating from before World War 2. The collections of our Museum count into the most valuable and the largest in Poland. A great deal of them were donated to us by former POWs and their families, as well as by different institutions and organizations.

The Museum’s resources include archival materials and museum items, and also a collection of books. They are still enlarging thanks to donations, purchases, depositories and findings being the effect of archeological works and exploration of the area of the former camps carried out in Łambinowice. The Department of Archives based in Opole takes care of the archival materials and the book collection, whereas care for the museum items is the responsibility of the Department of Collections and Conservation which has its seat in Łambinowice. The archival materials and museum items are made available to researchers upon filling in the relevant form and obtaining the Director’s permission.

We would like to kindly appeal to everybody who is still in possession of mementos connected with POWs to give them over to our Museum. They will be taken care of here in a professional manner, being a valuable proof of the time of captivity.