Launch of the League's website

Another important task in the process of development of the ‘League of POW Remembrance’ Network is launching a website.

We are pleased to announce that as of today, 22 June, the website of the ‘League of POW Remembrance’ Network is on. First of all, there is explained the Network’s aim, which is – let us remind you once again – the cooperation of institutions who deal with the POW remembrance in the scope of dissemination of the knowledge about history of POWs and related issues.

Besides that, the website presents the directions of the Network’s activity. There are also the compositions of the Consortium Council and the Honorary Convent. Because, in fact, the aim of the consortium is the cooperation of all those for whom the popularisation of POW stories is important, the Network will expand and the number of Consortium members will increase, and we are already announce that their presentation will follow soon.

The website is also in English.

We encourage you to follow our website for more!


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