We participate in international scientific conference in Olsztyn

The first day of the International Scientific Conference 'German camps in 1939-1945 - the current state of research' has passed. Our Museum is a partner of the W. Kętrzyn Institute and the W. Kętrzyn Scientific Society, who are organising the event.

The conference consists of several parts. The "museum panel" was opened by the Director of the Museum, Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska with a speech entitled "The Central Museum-of-Prisoners of War - a centre for documentation, science and education". In this part of the conference, interesting issues were also discussed by the representatives of the Majdanek State Museum, the Stutthof Museum in Sztutowo, the National Museum in Lublin, the Northern Institute, the Museum of Independence in Warsaw and the Borderland Museum in Działdowo.

On the same day, another part was initiated - the "scientific panel", which will also continue tomorrow, 24 November, during the second and last day of the conference. At that time, the speech entitled "Medical care for Warsaw insurgents in Wehrmacht camps" will be presented by Dr. Piotr Stanek, Head of the Research Department.

A detailed programme of the conference is available here.


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