We attended a conference in the Museum of King John III's Palace at Wilanów

"System andArt - from an idea to a tool" was the title of a two-day conference organised by the Museum of King John III's Palace at Wilanów on 14-15 September, the purpose of which was to present concepts of a modern system for keeping records of museum collections.

The event was in the field of interest of museum workers from all over Poland, including the representatives of the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War who went to Wilanów: Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, director of the Museum, Iwona Cichoń-Halot, acting head of the Archives, and Andrzej Kern, an IT specialist.

At the meeting, there were presented not only the project’s concepts, but also its evaluation took place, and, with a significant participation of museum workers from the National Museum in Szczecin, experiences of using the system in large, multi-departmental museum institutions were shared. As each museum is obliged to manage its own collection, the conference was largely addressed to the management staff of cultural institutions and additionally served to discuss the prospects for cooperation within a consortium of museums, and the standardisation of work.

We left Wilanów with the inspiration for conducting new activities and cooperation. Thank you for the invitation!

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