The great collection of POW memorabilia!

From time to time, we would like to remind you of the action conducted by the Museum under the slogan Saved Souvenirs, Preserved Memory, concerning objects which belonged to prisoners-of-war from World War II who were held in captivity by the Germans or the Soviets.

The Museum is looking for various artefacts – objects used or made in captivity, such as: documents, correspondence, drawings, photographs, cloths etc., regardless of their state of preservation. All donations that enrich the Museum's collections, will be secured and inventoried. In this way, they will become a source of knowledge and a bearer of the memory about the prisoners-of-war and internees, and about history as such.

Those interested in donating memorabilia are invited to contact us – any proposal will be considered as soon as possible. Once the objects have been digitised, donors will receive albums with images of the memorabilia, as well as a digital record of them.

Responsible for the collection is the Department of Collections and Conservation of the Central Museum of Prisoners of War, 4 Muzealna St., 48-316 Łambinowice, tel./fax +48 77 434 34 75, e-mail: .


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