Memorabilia of Major Anatoly Pieregorodzki

In May and June 1940, thousands of Polish soldiers were involved in the fighting against the German offensive in France. One of them was Major Anatol Pieregorodzki whose short stay in a prisoner-of-war camp began in June, 82 years ago. Now memorabilia of his found their way into the Museum collection.

Before the Second World War, Anatol Pieregorodzki (1906–1961) served in the 10th Cavalry Brigade under the command of Colonel Stanisław Maczek. During the September campaign, he got through to Hungary, where he was interned. From there, he made his way to France, to the Polish Armed Forces. In June 1940, while fighting in France, he was taken prisoner by the Germans, and got to Frontstalag 155 Dijon-Longvic. However, he escaped after a month, reaching Scotland, where he rejoined the 10th Cavalry Brigade, which soon became part of the 1st Armoured Division. In 1944, he took part in the battles in Normandy, Belgium and Holland. His service in the Polish Armed Forces ended in October 1946, when he joined the Polish Resettlement Corps – a British Army corps. He later settled in Canada.

In March 2022, Mrs. Marzanna Sożyńska donated to the Museum's collection a photograph of her uncle Anatol Pieregorodzki, as well as copies of documents from the period of his service in the Polish Armed Forces and four issues of the Dziennik Żołnierza [Polish Daily] (published in 1941 in Scotland). We have been helpful in broadening her knowledge of the POW fate of Anatoly Pieregorodzki.

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