Invitation to online classes

You can still book your museum lessons to be conducted on MS Teams platform. The classes last 45 minutes, so they will be a very good variety to traditional school lessons.

The proposed topic for the online meeting is: "Freedom. Do I really love and understand it?". As a part of it, a historical outline related to the subject of captivity during the Second World War, and the difficult, also in an emotional sense, situation in which prisoners-of-war found themselves – isolated from the 'normal' world and dreaming about regaining their freedom, will be presented. We will then reflect on present problems concerning the issue of freedom itself: does the affirmation of its value mean that there are no rules to be obeyed, where do the boundaries of it lie, and if and under what circumstances one can be stripped of his/her liberty?

The classes - free of charge - are addressed to students of secondary schools and the eighth grade of primary schools. You are welcome to contact us and book your class at the Department of Education and Exhibitions of the CMJW: tel. 77 434 34 75, e-mail: .

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