Documentary Love from the time of captivity

Yesterday, on St. Valentine’s Day, on the Museum Facebook page was held the premiere of a documentary film about the love of two couples separated by the Second World War and German captivity. The idea and screenplay were the brainchild of two employees of the Museum's Research Department: Dr. Anna Czerner and Dr. Kamil Weber.

The very choice of characters in the film makes it extremely interesting. They are the well known and esteemed poet Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, and Andrzej Mystkowski, who is known to a much smaller audience. A book has been dedicated to each of them in the publishing series of our Museum: Prisoners-of-War. 1939-1945: Facts, Documents, Silhouettes (you can buy it here). Both men were Polish Army officers and prisoners-of-war. Although they did not have too much in common, and their fates in captivity were not the same, nevertheless, they were united by their longing for their loved ones, with what each of them had to cope with in his own way.

You are welcome to watch the film. Materials from private and the CMJW collections were used to make it. An additional value of the documentary is that the photos for it were taken at our new exhibition Place with a scar, which will be opened on 17 March 2022.

The film Love, See You! Love from the time of captivity can be seen now on our YouTube channel:


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