Around National Independence Day

To commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty, there were organized a number of events throughout the country. Museum workers initiated some of them, and participated in others. We have already posted information about some of them on the Museum's Facebook page, and we are writing about others today.

There is presented our temporary exhibition Koniec i początek. Powstańcy warszawscy w niewoli niemieckiej [The end and the beginning. The Warsaw Insurgents in the German captivity] at the Jan Dzierżon Museum in Kluczbork, now. On November 9, Dr. Ewelina Klimczak from the Department of Education and Exhibitions, conducted museum classes devoted to the Warsaw Insurgents, there. On the following day, she gave a lecture in connection with the exposition W obcych mundurach. Polacy – jeńcy I wojny światowej [In foreign uniforms. Poles – prisoners of the First World War], which has recently been presented at the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy of the Opole University of Technology.

Also, on November 10, Dr. Anna Wickiewicz represented the Museum at a ceremony in the Public Kindergarten in Łambinowice. On the same day, in front of the Monument to Warsaw Insurgents – Prisoners of Stalag 344 Lamsdorf, she gave a lecture to the participants of a bike ride We connect generations.

As each year, on November 11, at the Old Prosoners-of-War Cementary in Łambinowice, were laid flowers by Ranko Tomović, Serbian Honorary Consul to Poland. He was accompanied by Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, Director of the Museum. The event was also attended by Łambinowice senior citizens from the local University of the Third Age.

Also today, the deputy director of the CMJW, Dr. Renata Kobylarz-Buła took part in a ceremony organized in Opole by the Provincial Office, the Institute of National Remembrance in Opole and the School Superintendent's Office in Opole. During a ceremonial session of the Opole City Council, Dr. Piotr Stanek, head of the Research Department, received an honorary decoration and a statuette with an image of J. Piłsudski, from the president of the War Invalids’ Association of the Republic of Poland, Opole Branch. Congratulations!

On the occasion of the National Independence Day we have made a film for you:

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