Centralne Muzeum Jeńców Wojennych

Archive film "They died in Katyń" is available to watch now.

In April, in the month of National Remembrance in Poland, a lot of attention is directed to the Katyń Massacre, one of the biggest tragedy in history of our country which has been the subject of investigation of historians and public discourse till this day.

The Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War was one of the first institutions which instigated research works on  the mass executions of over 21 thousands Polish nationals, including officers of the Polish Army, conducted by the NKVD in the spring 1940. As early as 7th of June 1990 a scientific session on that subject was held in Opole. A concurrent exhibition ,,They died in Katyń” was presented at the same time in the Museum of Opole Silesian. At that time our Museum made a 30 min documentary of the same title. The people who spoke to the camera were, Leszek Średnicki, former prisoner-of-war of Starobielsk, relatives of the prisoners and historians.

Despite the poor quality and not to be up to the modern technical standards, the material is strongly recommended to watch. It is available on our You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCyFTHvWH0k.

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