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72nd anniversary of death of Captain Witold Pilecki

Today we commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the death of Captain Witold Pilecki, a Polish cavalry officer, soldier of the Home Army, volunteer to Auschwitz and the author of the so-called Witold’s Raport.

Pilecki’s life-history is plenteous in exceptional experiences. After the end of the Polish Defensive War of 1939, he was actively involved in organizing structures of the underground movement. In the September 1940, Pilecki, of his own free will, went to KL Auschwitz where he developed the resistance movement and from where, in a daring manner, together with a few others, escaped. He fought in the Warsaw Uprising,  and after its fall, ended up in Stalag 344 Lamsdorf and latter in Oflag VII A Murnau.

After the war he tried to conduct his conspiracy activity but was arrested by the post war communist authorities, accused of state treason, espionage for foreign intelligent agency, and planning assassinations of communist officials, after which was sentence to death and executed. His burial place is probably somewhere on a plot nearby Powązki Military Cemetery in  Warsaw.

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