Centralne Muzeum Jeńców Wojennych

66 days with COVID-19

From the diary of a museum worker: May 14. A huge surprise from the extension of the pandemic and literal closure of all aspects of social life. The Director decides to temporary close the Museum. We draw up rules of conduct during COVID-19 situation, buy protective masks and disinfectant. At the entrances, an inscription appears: "Museum is closed until further notice".

Later. At our homes, we begin the remote work. In brainstorms we try to figure out how to get to visitors. We cannot meet up in the museum but we work together through Internet. We have to cancel the commemorative ceremony of the 75th anniversary of liberation of Stalag 344 Lamsdorf, which we have been preparing for some time. We go public with the first online lecture. Two days before the ban on entering public space, 29 March, we invite everyone to attend a  virtual tour to the former POW camp.

We gradually acquire vigour. New rules of contact with viewers are introduced. We start off with history courses on Facebook. Comments  are rising. In both seats (Opole and Łambinowice) there are only a necessary number of staff left. Unfortunately, on April 14, we cancelled the  28th edition of the Poetry of POWs Recitation Contest "Let us remember" and the 12th National Competition for the Historic Project "As long as not too late" is moved to Internet.

At last, on 20th of April, there is  information about easing the restrictions. It is possible to visit the Site of National Reembrace in Łambinowice. We prepare new rules of work and providing service of visitors. They are presented to the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Opole and Nysa.

Since May 4, most of us have been working in the museum, e.g. over a plan to reopen it. We decide it will take place on the International Museum Day, May 18 (Monday).

 After 66 days, we open both offices and hope to return to normalcy.

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