Works in the Archive

In the last weeks our museum was engaged in works aiming to secure the collections. Some of the works required involvement of specialized institutions and companies. The progress is significant.

On Thursday, November 5, from the Silesian Museum, there came back to us a batch of the collections who are a part of the recently received donations from the project Saved memorable, preserved  memory.  Employees of the institution in Katowice, in the fumigation chamber, cleaned the archives and destroyed the microorganisms, pests, bacteria and fungi they contained.

Whereas, in one of Warsaw companies, there had been conducted scans – in high resolution –  of archive films from the Museum collection which were recorded on 16 mm films. Moreover, another contractor, from Chorzów, just finalized, on 16 November, digitalization of the first 31 volumes of the Łambinowice Museum Yearbook.

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