We participate in the European Funds Open Days

European Funds Open Days is an event organised on a grand scale, devoted to the subject of European Funds in Poland. This year it will be held for the tenth time. It is part of the #EUinmyregion campaign, initiated by the European Commission and aimed at popularising projects implemented thanks to EU grants. Our Museum will not be absent from the programme of this year's DOFE.

The DOFE is coordinated by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, with the support of the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the cooperation of most institutions dealing with European Funds in Poland. The CMJW's proposal in connection with this event is not only addressed to the most ardent history enthusiasts, but also to everyone who wants to spend a Friday afternoon in an interesting way. We will meet at the relics of Stalag 318/VIII F (344) Lamsdorf to familiarise ourselves, under the supervision of a museum guide, with the exhibition "Place with a Scar". The guided tour will last an hour and will be an opportunity to deepen the knowledge previously acquainted on your own, or to obtain reliable information for the first time. Participation is free of charge.

The meeting will take place on 12 May at 1.00 p.m., at the place of the former Stalag 318/VIII F (344) Lamsdorf, at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice. Please sign up in advance: phone no. 573 785 910, e-mail: .

You are welcome to be there!

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