We know the identity of the second Italian prisoner

A few months have passed since the July discovery at the Old POW Cemetery in Łambinowice, when another identification the human remains found at that time proved a success.

While the state of preservation of the first of the identity tags unearthed at that time in the burial cavities made it possible to read the prisoner-of-war number without any delay, this was impossible in the case of the second one. Its corrosion was certainly accelerated by the specific position of the corpse - the item was under the skull - and the fact that it was wrapped up in paper, as preservationists assumed. Additionally, it was possible to reveal fibres embedded in the corrosion build-ups, which - again according to the conservators - are remnants of the fabric or the hair of the deceased.

The conservation work carried out by the Rewars Company in Warsaw therefore brought the result that the team of researchers from our "Science for Society, Society for Science" project had - although not so much - hoped for. The specialists did manage to reveal the POW number. We, in turn, have established that it was given to an Italian soldier - Luigi Norcia - who was born on 25 January 1921 and was taken prisoner at Rhodes on 4 October 1943 and died in the Lamsdorf camp on 26 August 1944.

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