We are waiting for entries for "Before it's not too late" competition

This year, the Museum, together with the Association of Friends of the CMJW, is organising for the sixteenth time the National Competition for Historical Project "Before it's not too late". Competition entry forms should be summited by 24 March 2024, while the results will be announced on 10 June this year.

Each year the competition brings together numerous students and teachers from all over Poland - some of them take part in it regularly - appreciating both its very idea and its high level of content. Through this already well-proven form of cooperation with the school community, we want to encourage to and strengthen interest in the:

  • history and the present condition of memorial sites, objects and signs of remembrance;
  • history and the present condition of authentic and historical places, not commemorated so far in a physical manner;
  • fate of the witnesses to history directly connected with places both commemorated and not commemorated in a permanent and physical manner.

The above defined goals the participants should achieve through a reliable and original study of independently collected historical sources, e.g. written documents, memoirs and oral accounts, video and audio recordings or photographs, while the presentation of the results is acceptable in the following forms: written works, radio broadcasts, documentary or pseudo-documentary films, websites or multimedia presentations. Entries in the competition may combine several of these forms, but in such cases each form should be well-balanced.

All of you who are interested in entering the competition are welcome to acquainted themselves with the rules and regulations. We would like to ask you to pay attention to the formal definitions of a place, an object and a sign of remembrance. For further information regarding the competition, contact Dr. Michał Jakubik and Urszula Lechicka from the Department of Education and Exhibition - tel. 77 434 34 75 or 573 785 901.

Projects, together with necessary documents (scans of the documents or the originals), should be sent via email or other electronic means (e.g. WeTransfer, Google Drive) to the following email address: , or by post to:

Department of Education and Exhibitions,
Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War
Ul. Muzealna 4
48-316 Łambinowice


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