To Łambinowice and beyond

It is only till the end of September, schools can apply for government subsidies for trips  within the,, Get to know Poland” action. The MEiN recommends a visit to our Museum to students of all ages, therefore we suggest how to plan a trip that meets the criteria of the subsidy programme so to visit us in Łambinowice.

Application submission is pending now for the pilot programme of the MEiN, ,,Get to know Poland”. The Opole region is represented on the mandatory list of educational spots by 18 places, including  the Central Museum Prisoners-of-War (CMJW), which, as the only one of the martyrology museums indicated by the Ministry, was deemed suitable also for the youngest pupils from grades 1 to 3. The individual educational places have been classified according to the key of four thematic paths (the CMJW belongs to the path "Following the Traces of the Polish Underground State"), but as the Ministry assures, within one trip it is possible to combine them freely, creating one's own programme of sightseeing. It is also permissible to enrich the trip with places outside the list. However, it is important to comply with the requirements concerning the minimum number of educational places: two places for a one-day trip, four places for a two-day trip and six places for a three-day trip.

The estimated cost of a visit in our place is about 400 ZŁ for a group of 50 students (including a film screening, guided tour in the Museum and post camp grounds), however taking advantage of the offer of thematic museum lessons is free of charge. A detailed price list can be found at: .

Lambinowice is located close to other cognitively interesting places, so planning an interesting trip there should not be difficult. However, if you are looking for inspiration, in the offer attached below you can find a suggestion of other educational places which might be combined with your visit to us.

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