Three thousands likes on Facebook!

Social media play an important part in bringing the fate of soldiers in German and Soviet captivities closer to the public attention and in preserving the memory of victims of armed conflicts. They are used by almost all research, science and cultural institutions, who are aware that social media facilitate getting with results of their works to a wide audience. Our Museum has also had a Facebook page for several years, and in the past week the number of likes exceeded 3 000!

Is that a lot? Taking into account that the subject the Museum deals with is not an easy one, especially for young people, we believe it is quite a lot.

The texts published by us on Facebook usually cover what we do, and also what is done by others to preserve the memory of prisoners-of-war. By using, however, the greatest advantage of this online tool, i.e. the possibility of interaction (to engage in conversation), we offer our viewers competitions, quizzes, puzzles, little-known facts, online participation in and coverage of our events, including premieres of Museum films, e.g. ...but that's a different story now series.

Who are our viewers? Most of them are persons aged 25-54 (71%). After Poles, the largest group, in terms of nationality, are citizens of the UK and Germany. Facebook’s statistics also report on the number of people following our profile – currently it is 3454.

We encourage you to visit, like, follow, share and subscribe to us on social media! We are also on YouTube and Twitter!


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