The state of the epidemic in Poland was lifted yesterday

In accordance with the regulations of the Council of Ministers of 13 May 2022, as of yesterday, i.e. 16 May, the existing state of the epidemic related to COVID-19 has been replaced by the state of epidemic emergency. For museum workers and visitors, this is a change that gives hope that the restrictions on the activities of, among others, cultural institutions will not return.

Orders and bans related to the epidemic were lifted gradually. This year, on 1 March, limits and restrictions on the number of people attending meetings were lifted, and later (28 March), in the Museum, as in other buildings, the order to wear a mask to cover the mouth and nose was lifted.

The functioning of our Museum during the pandemic (for more than 2 years) and the adaptation of the institution  to the dynamically changing rules of prevention against COVID-19 required a lot of work from the whole staff, including improvement of forms of contact and online education. On the one hand, it was an experience that taught us a lot, but also showed us how health security constraints negatively affect professional and personal activities.

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