The November episode of the "Faces of Opole" series has taken place

On the Thursday evening of 24th of November, at the Opole seat of the Museum we talked about Roman Horoszkiewicz (1892-1962). It was also an opportunity to present memorabilia of the protagonist of the meeting – both those in the Museum's collection and those which are owned by private individuals.

The meeting was opened by the Deputy Director of the CMJW, Dr. Renata Kobylarz-Buła, who reminded the audience that, as part of the "Faces of Opole" series, are presented people important for the capital of the Province and the Museum, among whom is also Roman Horoszkiewicz. About his prisoner-of-war time in the German camps of Stalag XXI A Schildberg Oflag XII A Hadamar and then in Oflags XII A Hadamar and II D Gross Born, the participants of the meeting were told by Krzsztof Harupa of the Department of Collections and Conservation. In doing so, he presented memorabilia that Roman Horoszkiewicz's son, Tadeusz, donated to the Museum's collection in 2015. Among the nearly 50 prisoner-of-war artefacts, correspondence with his nearest and dearest, kept on camp Kriegsgefangenenpost forms, predominated.

The second part of the meeting had the form of a conversation between the journalist of Radio Opole Witkor Krzywicki and the Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and enthusiast of the Legions' subject matter Krzysztof Rozpondek. Different episodes of Roman Horoszkiewicz's life, especially those related to his joining Józef Piłdudski's Polish Legions, where he earned the rank of lieutenant in the course of his military service, including the third Silesian Uprising, were talked about. A lot of attention was paid to Roman Horoszkiewicz's professional work and his many passions. He worked as a museum worker, a history teacher, a publicist, a restorer of historical monuments, and after the Second World War he became permanently attached to Opole, where he undertook the organisation of Polish cultural and scientific life.

The meeting was also accompanied by the sale of two book publications published by the Museum: Roman Horoszkiewicz - Life and Work by Roman Kwaśniewski (publishing series entitled. "Prisoners-of-War 1939-1945. Facts, Documents, Silhouettes", edited by Czesław Wawrzyniak) and Faces of Opole. Faces of the Museum. Volume I (edited by Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska).


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