The Museum in Helios cinema

From Friday, 9 September, all over Poland, there have been taking place premiere screenings of the film 'Orlęta. Grodno '39'. In Opole, they are accompanied by our temporary exhibition. 

"Orlęta" is the first film about the USSR's aggression against Poland in September 1939. Quoting the film's producer, the Polish Television, it presents: "the story of the heroic struggle of the civilian inhabitants of town of Grodno, largely scouts and schoolchildren, against the Russian invaders". It is not a coincidence that the film's premiere took place a week before the 17th September’s anniversary of the Soviet attack on Poland.

At the invitation of the Helios Opole Karolinka cinema, the film screenings are accompanied by the Museum's exhibition “'Daddy, when will you come back?’ Polish Families in the Years of World War II", which presents the fate of many thousands of Polish families separated by the war. The theme of the exhibition is the correspondence of Polish soldiers in Wehrmacht and NKVD captivities with their families.

The exhibition will be presented in the cinema foyer until 23 September 2022, and can be visited by viewers of all films screened in the cinema at 152/154 Wrocławska Street in Opole.


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