The meeting in Borne Sulinowo has ended

Yesterday, in Borne Sulinowo, a meeting of Polish and French families of prisoners-of-war of Oflags II B Arnswalde (Choszczno) and II D Gross Born (Kłomino) ended. In the meeting, lasted from Friday (13 May) in Sulinów and Choszczno, attended representatives of institutions and organisations that care for the memory of these sites and the soldiers who were detained there in the years of WW2. The organising of the event was initiated by the Museum Chamber at Borne Sulinowo with the involvement of our Museum. 

The meeting began with anniversary ceremonies commemorating the events of 14-16 May 1942, when the Germans deported the French POWs from Oflag II D Gross Born and interned the Polish ones in their place. The very interesting programme of the commemorations included ceremonies at monuments dedicated to the POWs, a visit to the camp grounds and the opening of an open-air exhibition.

A very important part of the meeting was a conference Polish and French Environments of Remembrance of prisoners-of-war from the Second World War. It featured speeches by Dariusz Czerniawski, Etienne Jacheet, Tadeusz Krawiec, Mariusz Winiecki, and Dr. Renata Kobylarz-Buła from the CMJW who talked about the role, mission and plans of our Museum.

An interesting part was also a discussion with the participation of the families of prisoners-of-war from France and Poland, headed by Dr. Anna Czerner from the Research Department of the CMJW.

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