The last in 2022 "Łambinowice Museum Meetings" has taken place

The protagonist of the yesterday's "Łambinowic Museum Meetings" was Dr. Grzegorz Hebda of the Institute of Biology at the University of Opole, expert at researches on bats and insects. This experienced naturalist delivered an interesting lecture on "Night Hunters. Bats and their winter hibernation sites at the former Lamsdorf military training ground".

The participants of the event were welcomed by Dr. Anna Wickiewicz, head of the Department of Education and Exhibitions, and Dominik Hadas, also from this department, made a historical introduction. He remainded the audience that the origin of the Prussian military training ground on the site of today's Łambinowice dates back to the second half of the 19th century, when the gradual development of the infrastructure began. Among the remains of the buildings that have survived to this day is a concrete underground water tank from the 1940s. It was the tank that interested the initiators and executors of the project "Hiber-action. Adapting the water reservoir at the former military training ground in Łambinowice into a winter hibernation den for bats from the Niemodlin Forest".

Before Dr. Grzgorz Hebda reported on the course of the project, he brought a lot of attention to bats – strange mammals capable of true and sustained flight. Discussing their body structure and occurrence in Poland and around the world, he dispelled many myths associate with them. He also explained what echolocation and hibernation is, and finally reported on the work resulting in the adaptation of the water tank into a winter hibernation site. The presentation also included information about the support given by our Museum, the Łambinowice Commune, and the Tułowice Forest Inspectorate for the idea. Those involved in the implementation of the project were also mentioned: Daniel Podobiński, Sławomir Witkowski and Jadwiga Wójciak.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to present the winning works of the communal competition for primary school students entitled "The Old Prisoners-of-War Cemetery in Łambinowice in picture and in photography". It was implemented as part of the "Conservation of grave crosses in the Old POW Cemetery in Łambinowice" project, which was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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