The Book Out of the way. Lamsdorf ... was talked about at the Silesian Institute

Wednesdays at the Silesian Institute is a series of open academic meetings which have been organised by, closely related to our Museum, the Silesian Institute in Opole. Its yesterday’s episode, the last one before the summer holiday, was dedicated to the publication Lamsdorf w czasie powstań śląskich i plebiscytu (1919–1921)[Out of the way. Lamsdorf during the Silesian Uprisings (1919-1921)] by Dr. Piotr Stanek, Head of the Research Department. 

The meeting, which was also available to be attended online, was opened by Prof. Michał (Silesian Institute), the reviewer of the publication who is well acquainted not only with the subject matter of the book, but also with scientific achievements of Dr. Piotr Stanek. More about the book was said by the author himself who, at the same time, was the main guest of the meeting. He reminded that despite the end of the First World War, the history of the military training ground and the prisoners-of-war camps in Lamsdorf, went on. During the Silesian Uprisings and the plebiscite, in the enclosure of the military ground in Lamsdorf, there were still camps for: prisoners-of-war, repatriates, and for training purposes. It was also a place where weapons and ammunition were stored, various German armed formations were stationed, and Silesian activists were isolated. The speech, which was applauded, was followed by an interesting discussion in which the floor was taken by Prof. Piotr Pałys (Associate Professor at Opole University) and Dr. Bernard Linek.

The book, released in 2021 as the result of the cooperation of the Museum with the Silesian Institute, can be purchased in our online shop - here.


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