Testimony to a wartime love

A collection of memorabilia of the Platoon Leader, Ensign Józef Łuszczyński, which was taken to the Museum's collection in August, is being inventoried.

The collection was donated by Ms. Danuta Łuszczyńska-Wieszołek, the daughter of the platoon-leader, Ensign Łuszczyński, who was a soldier in September 1939, and a prisoner-of-war in of German camps: Stalag VIII C Sagan, Stalag VIII A Görlitz, Oflag IV C Colditz, Stalag IV G Oschatz, Stalag IV B Mühlberg and Stalag IV D Torgau.

The collection contains of about 200 letters, letter sheets and postcards, 90 photographs, 70 documents and several objects of everyday use. Special attention is placed on the correspondence between Józef Łuszczyński and Helena Kopówna. It commenced with a letter sent to an address given to the prisoner by Elżbieta Jóźwiakówna, an employee of the Polish Red Cross and a friend of Helena Kopówna. Their first contact developed into an ongoing correspondence and mutual fascination, which lasted until the end of Józef Łuszczyński's captivity and his stay in France while serving in the Polish Armed Forces. It all happily led to the couple's wedding in August 1946.

The donation also includes Józef Łuszczyński's correspondence with other people who supported him with parcels during his captivity period. In addition, the collection includes photographs, documents and objects of everyday use collected in the POW camps and during his stay in France.

Thank you very much for given us such a valuable collection!

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