Soldiers have completed their work at the site of remembrance

For 10 days, starting on 4 July, clean-up works were conducted at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice. The works were jointly carried out by soldiers of the Bundeswehr, the Polish Army and wards of the Youth Education Centre in Nysa. On the last day of the work (14 July), a ceremony was held in front of the Monument to the Martyrdom of Prisoners-of-War.

The event, alongside the soldiers from the 10th Opole Logistics Brigade (commanded by Major Leszek Radzik) and the Munster Armoured Forces School, the Armoured Battalion from Bergen and the reserve from Zeven (under Colonel Rainer Grygiel), was also attended by German Consul Birgit Fisel-Rösle, representatives of Nysa County: Andrzej Kruczkiewicz – starost and Joanna Burska – a Board Member; representatives of the Łambinowice Commune: Tomasz Karpiński – mayor and Jerzy Rosiński – secretary. The ceremony was also attended by employees of our Museum, on whose behalf Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, Director of the CMJW, addressed the gathering. In her speech, as well as those made by the Consul and officers of the Polish Army and the Bundeswehr, there were references to the Second World War, which ended 77 years ago, and the presently ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Next Monday will be presented a film (to supplement today’s information. It will also be available on our Facebook and Youtube) as a report on the work of the German and Polish soldiers and the wards from the Youth Education Centre in Nysa. We would like to remind you that the purpose of the works was to clean up the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice, so that it could remain in the best possible condition and could be accessible to visitors. The conducted works will also enable archaeological researches to be undertaken in the coming months.


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