Searching for information on Polish prisoners-of-war who perished in Lower Silesia

At the beginning of this week (25 July), there was conducted an archival research by Dr. Kamil Weber from the Museum's Research Department and Kamil Bortkowski from the State Archive [AP] in Wroclaw, at the Central Military Archives [CAW] in Warsaw .

The main purpose of the research was to find information on soldiers from the September campaign of 1939 who died in German captivity in Lower Silesia. The research was conducted at the CAW in Warsaw-Rembertów. The historians have come across of important source material which will serve to complete the biographies of Polish prisoners-of-war and, in the future, commemorate them.

The research was conducted as part of 'Project for permanent commemoration of the fate of Polish Prisoners-of-war from the September campaign who perished in Lower Silesia'. It is managed by the CMJW in cooperation with the AP in Wroclaw. The planned outcome of the project is a book of remembrance to be published by 31 December 2023.


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