Restoration works at the Old Prisoners-of-War Cemetery

Among the monuments of the Old Prisoner-of-War Cemetery in Łambinowice, a lofty wooden cross on the top a mound made of large stones stands out. The monument commemorates the victims of the First World War. Restoration works are currently conducted on it.

Permission to conduct the works has granted by the Conservator of Monuments of Opole Province. In the course of the works, a decision was made to restore the monument to its original shape. What is know, on the basis, among others, of a photograph dating from around 1920, that the appearance of the monument was of secondary importance. The task was undertaken by Mariusz Zając of the ZAJMART conservation company.

The renovation plan for the mound includes the following treatments: dismantling the first layer of boulders and uncovering the original layer, reinforcing its structure, micro-cement injection removing microcracks and cracks, cleaning the surface of the boulders with hot steam under pressure, hydrophobic impregnation, and finally installing a commemorative plaque. The cross will also be restored.

We will inform you of the completion of the works.


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