Representatives of the Museum at the 14th Remembrance Forum in Sztutowo

The Remembrance Forum is a seminar of memorial museums regularly organised by the Stutthof Museum in Sztutowo and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. As every year, workers of the CMJW also took part in its debates.

This year’s edition of Forum was hold on 5-6 September in Kąty Rybackie, the neighbourhood of Sztutowo. The Forum provided a place for discussion for 40 representatives of memorial museums and institutions related to the subject from all over Poland. Our Museum was represented by three people. On the first day, director of the Museum Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska delivered a lecture Let’s bring history to streets - a promotional strategy for the CMJW. Domink Marcinkowski of the Section of Communication and Public Image, gave a presentation on the course of the Bursting with education into everyday life. The backdrop of a certain action, the Museum’s activity entitled "They were here", carried out last year. And on the second day of the conference, Dawid Żak from the Department Collections and Conservation presented the subject of Give It a Memory - a social action for the conservation of crosses at the Old Prisoners-of-War Cemetery.

The seminar, as an opportunity to present innovative projects, scientific, educational, exhibition, conservation and popularisation activities, proved once again that it is a much-needed initiative for the museum community.

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