Report on the meeting dedicated to Marian Nowak

Yesterday, Dr. Joanna Filipczyk, director of the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, as part of the "Łambinowice Museum Meetings", presented the figure of the Opole sculptor. The event under the title Expression of forged and welded sheet metal. The artistic work of Marian Nowak was the first instalment of our "Łambinowice Museum Meetings" popular cultural series in 2023, which has been running for ten years.

The participants of the event were welcomed by the president of the Association of Friends of the CMJW, Dr. Iwona Konopnicka, and the director of the Museum, Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, while Dr. Joanna Filipczyk invited the guests to see the film 'Not Only Pegasus' (2021), produced by the by Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole according to the concept and script of the Gallery's director. In the film, Marian Nowak was talked about by his sons, while the narration was illustrated by archival photos, documents and a fragment of a recording from the Polish Film Chronicle.

Marian Nowak is mostly known as the creator of the legendary for the people of Opole, Pegasus, though the film and Dr. Joanna Filipczyk's lecture reminded many other works of the sculptor, including the statue of Maria Konopnicka in front of the High School No 2 in Opole, the eagle on the Piast Tower, the figures of "Karolinki", but also countless decorative metal bars, inscriptions, signs or lanterns.

From the Museum's point of view the important work by Marian Nowak is the figural sculptures hanging on two massive pylons of the Monument to the Martyrdom of Prisoners-of-War at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice, to which is dedicated the final part of the film, the lecture, and finally a discussion, concluding each of the "Łambinowice Museum Meetings".

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