Report on the "Łambinowice Museum Meeting" and the European Heritage Days

The Power of Taste? Life in the stalags in Lamsdorf (1939–1945) is an event with which we returned to the "Łambinowice Museum Meetings", a series organized within the framework of this year’s edition of the European Heritage Days — "Tastes of Heritage".

Among the participants of Wednesday meeting were those who are regular attenders of the ,,ŁSM”, as well the people who for the same time wanted to take part in it, including the Deputy Director of the Opole Governor's Office, Violetta Kozakiewicz. They were welcomed by Dr. Renata Kobylarz-Buła, Deputy Director of the Museum.

The lecture by Dr. Ewelina Klimczak from the Education and Exhibition Department was based mainly on recollections of former POWs, for whom hunger, along with enslavement, was one of the biggest problems. The speaker drew attention to unequal treatment by the Germans of prisoners of different armies and nationalities, discussed nutritional standards, the conditions under which meals were prepared, and finally received aid and self-help among prisoners. She stressed that the solidarity of the majority of the detainees was a form of everyday struggle for improvement of their living situation. The speech was supplemented by a presentation of basic equipment of POWs, i.e. canteens, mess-tins, spoons, but also items made in the camps, such as the ingenious fetovka — a primitive cooker for cooking meals.

Exiting, especially for the youngest participants of the event, was a quiz on the information covered in the lecture, with prizes bearing the logo of the European Heritage Days. The meeting ended with information presented by Dr. Renata Kobylarz-Buła on the conservation of another cross at the Old POW Cemetery. The works were financed by Adela and Janusz Brasielski from Łambinowice, who were the first representatives of the local community to respond to our appeal to save this unique monument, recognized with the European Heritage Label.

We are deeply grateful to them!

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