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Premiere of the eighth episode of ... but that's a different story now 2 series

"Portrait from Captivity" is the title of the August episode of the film series. It is dedicated to the collection of Corporal Jan Wep's memorabilia.

The title portrait is an oil self-portrait painted in captivity in 1942 at Oflag II D Gross Born. It came to Poland rolled up in a roll to be later framed and adorn the walls of the Wep family home for many years. In 2018, Jan Wep's son, Wiesław, donated the painting to our Museum, thus completing the collection of 19 photographs donated a year earlier. The photographs depict the orderlies who, like Corporal Wep, shared the fate of the Polish officers in captivity at Oflags, as well as sports games and theatrical activities of the POWs at Oflag Gross Born.

Our film tells more about the collection and, above all, its first owner. We invite you to watch it!

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