Premier of the 7th episode of ...but that’s a different story now 2

Hours of waiting is the title of a book of poems by Zbigniew Mystkowski, and, at the same time, the July episode of the ...but that’s a different story now Museum’s film series.

The book of poems was issued by Polish prisoners-of-war at Oflag II E/K Neubrandenbur in 1943. This small-sized masterpiece was decorated with woodcuts by Second Lieutenant Wacław Bulzacki. However, the technique of the entire book is impressive, proving that the authors' imagination was not constrained by barbed wire and lack of necessary materials during the Second World War. No less interesting is the story of transforming the memento into a museum object – the exhibit which is featured in the seventh episode of our series ‘...but that’s a different story now’, and which found its way into the Museum's collection by lucky coincidence, in June 2020.

Our film series was prepared thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. It is produced, according to the concept of Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, by Sławomir Mielnik.

And now you are welcome to watch the film:

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