POW memorabilia of Józefie Słotwińskim

Unique collections of things related to theatrical activities in Wehrmacht prisoner-of-war camps have found their way into the Museum. These are commemorative passes related to the camp work of Józef Słotwiński, director and theater critic.

Second Lieutenant Józef Słowiński (1908-2005), as a participant of the defense fights, was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1939. He received the POW number 744 and was held during the war in Oflags II B Arnswalde and II D Gross Born. In captivity, he was famous as one the founders of the "Theater of Symbols" (in Answalde) wherein he also served as literary director and director. After the war, through decades, he produced theater productions for the Polish Television, but was also a respected pedagogue and theater critic, a journalist and translator. An important date in his postwar career was probably February 6, 1956 – it was the date of the premiere of the first TV theater performance, as part of the "Kobra" Theater Thriller, which, like several subsequent plays, was directed by him.

The objects donated to the Museum by the artist's daughter are commemorative passes received by Second Lieutenant Słowiński from his fellow prisoners-of-war. They are illustrated with theatrical motifs and supplemented with wishes from, among others, Second Lieutenant Władysław Skrzypecki, wishes which happily came true after the war:

For the moments of forgetfulness and respite, for creating for us, the spectators, a wonderful world of fairy tales on the boards of the Theater of Symbols - I offer, on the day of your Jubilee, heartfelt thanks and wishes that you may realize your ideas as soon as possible in the real theater.

Thank you for these gifts!

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