Photo project by Sławoj Dubiel

The most important stage of the ‘Test for Presence’ project, i.e. photographic sessions by Sławoj Dubiel at the site of the former Stalag 318/VIII F (344) Lamsdorf, has come to an end. This is an author's project of the photographer, who this year received for his idea a scholarship of the Marshal of the Opole Voivodeship for those who are involved in artistic creation, popularisation of culture and care for monuments – ‘Marshal's Talents’.

The uniqueness of Sławoj Dubiel's photography in this project lies not only in the special way in which he captures the elements of the camp's infrastructure, which are subjected to the test of time and are exposed to nature that has no regard for the sacredness of this place. The way in which the photographs are taken has also a considerable importance, as the photographic documentation was done on classic black and white (negative) photographic material, using a large-format wooden camera. This antique equipment produces a distinctive image, which is characterised by exceptional image plasticity and allows the plane of focus to be transferred (as shown in the photographs presented in the gallery).

The negatives made in this way will then be used as the basic of exhibit copies which, together with their descriptions, will be displayed in the form of an exhibition at the Opole Museum during the Opole Photo Festival in the coming autumn.

And it is already now we would like to invite you to an exhibition of documentary-art photography, which is becoming increasingly popular and plays a significant role in art and knowledge spheres!

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