Our delegation attended the 80th anniversary of the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III Sagan

The Museum of Prisoners-of-War Camps in Żagań has always stressed the importance of recalling and popularising the event known to history as the Great Escape. It does not come as a surprise as it was, in fact, an act of great courage and determination on the part of a large group of prisoners (including Poles) who took the risk to getting out of the camp through the over 100-meter-long 'Harry' tunnel.

This year we mark the round 80th anniversary of this exceptional act of resistance, what undoubtedly inspired the organisers to take a painstaking work on the programme of the ceremony. As a result, it was extended to three days (22-24 March) and included a scout rally, the unveiling of the 'Six from Żagań' mural, a roll call of remembrance , displays of military equipment and historic vehicles, as well as a running competition, an educational and musical performance for children, and a performance by an orchestra playing Scottish folk music.

These events were closely witnessed by our museum workers: Elżbieta Góra, head of Department of the Collections and Conservation, and Dr. Michał Jakubik from the Department Education and Exhibitions. Thanks to their participation, we can invite you to take a look at the photographic documentation of what went on at the Museum of Prisoner-of-War Camps in Żagań last weekend.

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