Opole University’s Summer School at the Museum

Representatives of the international academic community took part today in a workshop at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice. The event was part of the Opole University’s Summer School programme organised by the FORTHEM Alliance.

This year’s activities of students and PhD students conducted under the motto ‘Symbolic Boundaries and Multidisciplinary Perspectives. A Summer School on Diversity, Distinction and Difference’. Several dozen people from Europe and the world will reflect on the concept of symbolic boundaries from 18 to 22 July 2022, taking part in, among other things, film screenings, lectures, workshops in various cultural and scientific institutions in Opole.

Today, on the third Day of Opole University’s Summer School, 32 participants visited our Museum. The history of the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice and the fate of representatives of different army groups and nationalities of prisoners-of-war served as research material for their work.

The workshop started with a screening of the film ‘Lamsdorf/Łambinowice. Museum and site of remembrance’ and a visit to the permanent exhibitions. Afterwards, the participants biked to the site of Place with a scar educational exposition, where, after a brief explanation of the idea behind the exhibition, took place an outdoor educational workshop. During the workshop, the participants made a comparison of the fate of prisoners-of-war of different armed forces and nationalities both in captivity and after the war’s end on the basis of biographies of Stalag 344 prisoners-of-war, which were part of the art installation ‘Presence’. The workshop concluded with a joint summary and discussion of the results, as well as the writing down of reflections that would remain in a special box that is in the exhibition.

This year’s Opole University’s Summer School brought together PhD students, students and staff from the FORTHEM Alliance (Fostering Outreach within European Regions, Transnational Higher Education and Mobility) from: University of Valencia, University of Burgundy in Dijon, University of Palermo, University of Latvia in Riga, as well as friends from partner universities in Australia (Edith Cowan), United States (University of Central Missouri), Israel (Kaye College), Albania (University of Vlora), Iran (Mazandaran University) and Indonesia (Airlangga University).


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