Open Days in the Museum. Invitation!

As each year, from 21 to 25 November 2022, our Museum organises Open Days. The special offer includes free guided tours of the exhibitions and interesting workshops for organised groups of children and young people.

At the Museum seat in Łambinowice one can visit the permanent exhibitions with a guide, as well as take part in educational workshops on the site of the open-air exhibition Place with a Scar at the former POW camp ground.

The activities at the Opole seat sound to be equally interesting. There, free visits (with a guide) to the permanent exhibition, but also to the temporary exhibition "With their head around and no gun – post-war achievements of soldiers of the Home Army", accompanied by a museum lesson "For Poland at War and After the War. Soldiers of the Home Army", are offered.

The free offer is complemented by paid art workshops entitled "We travel with Wojtek the Bear". During the workshops, the youngest children (preschoolers and primary school pupils in grades 1-3) will learn about the history of the heroic bear from World War II, as well as other animals that accompanied Polish soldiers. The result of the workshops, and at the same time a souvenir, will be hand-made ecological cardboard puppets. The cost of participation for one person is PLN 9.00. Workshops last 45 minutes.

Guided tours and workshops take place from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. after prior appointment by telephone (77 434 34 75) or e-mail ().

You are most welcome to visits us!

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