New set of memorabilia in the Museum collection

The recording process of a precious family collection, given to the Museum by Małgorzata Paszkowska, has been accomplished.

The collection contains photographs, documents, identity cards, sketches, watercolours, manuscripts and typescripts belonging to two World War II participants: Małgorzata Paszkowska's grandfather, Capt. Jan Krzemiński (1906-1987), who was an artillery officer and POW in Oflag VII A Murnau, and his brother-in-law, Officer Cadet Tadeusz Szlęzak (1904-1981), who, after the September defeat, become a POW of Oflags VII B Eichstatt, VII A Murnau and Stalags VI B Neu-Versen and VI J Dorsten.

A particularly fascinating object in the collection is a wooden box with the image of a horse, which was probably intended for storing playing cards. It was given to Capt. Krzemieński in Oflag VII A Murnau, on the occasion of his name day, by his fellow prisoners in 1944 as is mentioned in the note "On the name day 24.VI.1944. Moniek, Józek". This special gift referred to Captain Krzemiński's two passions – for bridge and horses.

Another unusual object is a fragment of a page from an album with photographs of Captain Krzemińsk and Officer Cadet Szlęzak, which is a testimony to the fact that the two men, by coincidence, met during their captivity in Oflag VII A Murnau, most probably in 1940. The collection also contains a portrait of Captain Krzemiński, painted by Lieutenant Zdzisław Jaeschke (1913-1991), the hero of the August episode of our cycle "... but that's a different story now".

We would like to thank Ms. Małgorzata Paszkowska for the gift and the trust she has placed in us!

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