National Day of the Silesian Uprisings

Today, for the first time, we celebrate a new national holiday called National Day of the Silesian Uprisings. On this occasion, also in our region, there have been planned celebrations. The event in front of the Monument to the Insurgent Deed on Saint Anne Mountain, was initiated by the Opole Voivode, Sławomir Kłosowski.

The date of the holiday, 20 June, refers to the anniversary of the entry of the Polish armed forces to the Uppers Silesia in 1922, following the border settlement what was a result of the uprisings and the plebiscite. The bill was submitted by President Andrzej Duda, who signed it on 7 June 2022 in Katowice. That even was attended, among others, the Opole Governor, the Silesian Governor, deputies and Dr. Bartosz Kuświk, Director of the Silesian Institute and plenipotentiary of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the organisation of cultural events related to the 100th anniversary of the Third Silesian Uprising and the return of part of Upper Silesia to the Motherland.

On this day we would like to encourage you to read our publication Out of the way. Lamsdorf during the Silesian Uprisings (1919-1921) by Dr. Piotr Stanek, Head of the Research Department, who explained on its pages the important and complex role of Lamsdorf in the events that took place then. The book can be purchased at the online bookstore – here.

Photography: Blażej Duk - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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