Memorabilia of Second Lieutenant Kazimierz Załęski in the Museum Collection

Inventory works are under way on the donated to the Museum memorabilia of Second Lieutenant Kazimierz Załęski. Among them, there is a POW postcard sent 80 years ago – on 1 May 1942! However, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the whole collection which was donated by the officer’s son, Jerzy.

Second Lieutenant Kazimierz Załęski, a teacher by profession, was a liaison officer at the Łódź Army Headquarters in September 1939. During a flight with orders to the command of Kraków Army, his plane was shot down and he himself was taken a prisoner-of-war (number 2157). Due to his wounds, he was initially held in hospitals in Łódź, and then in Warsaw.

The memoirs of Second Lieutenant Kazimierz Załęski from oflags II A Prenzlau, II E Neubrandenburg and II D Gross Born represent a valuable source of knowledge. Here is an excerpt from them: "Each prisoner-of-war was photographed having the paraphernalia of his identity hanging on his chest. From then on roll calls were ordered, during which the prisoners approached one by one a table on which boxes with photographs of prisoners-of-war were placed, and the German examining the presence of a prisoner-of-war at roll call glanced at his face, then at the photograph in the box and in this way ascertained the presence of a gefangen in the camp...".

In addition to the war and captivity memoirs, the Museum received a calendar with notes and a detailed record of correspondence sent, together with POW correspondence, from 1939-1945. Also, worthy of note are prints with Christmas wishes made in captivity for his wife Regina, wooden photo frames, a decorated casket, family and captive photographs, and a POW identity card from Oflag II A Prenzlau.

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