Meeting with pupils from a Czech primary school

As part of the project entitled "Freedom is in them. Warsaw Insurgents 1944-2022", Museum workers had two online meetings with pupils of the primary school from Česká Ves.

The meeting stated with a lecture delivered by Dr. Anna Wickiewicz (head of the Department of Education and Exhibitions at the CMJW) and Roman Janas (a Czech researcher of the Jeseníky region-cum-historian) on the common history of Lamsdorf and Česká Ves, focusing on the period of World War II and the operation of working parties deployed on the Polish-Czech border and administratively subordinated to the Stalags in Lamsdorf.

Other Museum speakers (Dominik Marcinkowski, Dr. Ewelina Klimczak-Czaplicka and Dr. Anna Czerner), discussed issues related to the uprisings in Warsaw (1944) and Prague (1945), including their consequences, i.e. the captivity of Warsaw insurgents, among whom were children. It was just the youngest participants of the Polish uprising who attracted the most attention. The meeting ended with reflections on freedom as a key human value - its social significance and the often high price that both Poles and Czechs had to pay at various stages of history for "being at home".

The meeting took place thanks to the commitment of Roman Janas, who has cooperated with us not for the first time - in 2018 he was the guest of the October edition of the "Łambinowice Museum Meetings".


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