Meeting with Łukasz Wierzbicki

On Monday, June 13, the Museum’s guest was Łukasz Wierzbycki, author of travel and history books for children. First in Opole, then in Łambinowice, he met with pupils of primary schools to remind them of the story he has described in his book Dziadek i niedźwiadek [Grandfather and the Bear].

The central theme of the meeting was the story of a Syrian bear, which during the Second World War served in the Polish II Corps commanded by General Władysław Anders. Using many props (including mascots), Łukasz Wierzbicki provoked children into asking questions and discussing not only about the book (which is on the school reading list), but also history and the present day. Talking about his own path to a writing career and his work on Grandfather and the Bear, he urged the schoolchildren to pursue their passions and dreams.

The meetings, which were organised as accompanying events to the Mascot Animals in the Polish Armed Forces in the Years 1918-1945 exhibition by the Army Museum in Białystok which is presented in our Opole seat, participated pupils from: Public Primary School No. 10 in Opole, Catholic Primary School in Opole and Public Primary School No. 10 from Nysa.

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